General Questions

What kind of curriculum do you follow?
Our curriculum will help your child: [1]-Develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and acquire basic Bible knowledge. [2]-Develop social skills based on a Christian value system. [3]-Develop self-respect, self-worth, and self-understanding, recognizing his/her own uniqueness and that of others. [4]-Develop independence, self-motivation, and a positive attitude. [5]-Develop and use the senses in learning processes. [6]-Develop large and small muscle coordination. [7]-Experience an introduction to basic academic concepts.
Is there a sleep or rest time?
Children in our Preschool programs do not take naps, since our program is 2.5 hours we use all of this time to engage your children on a path to learning and building life long skills.
My child does not speak English, how do you work with children who are not native English speakers?
It is not unusual for us to have children start with us who do not speak English. Our caring teachers are adept at making each child feel welcome and included in all activities, and parents will notice a burst of language early on. Children learn languages quickly, and our teachers are proficient in encouraging children to gradually begin to express themselves confidently.
What are the staff qualifications?
Your child's teacher has the following qualifications: Is a Christian, Has a college degree in a field related to early childhood education, classroom experience with preschool age children, shows a genuine love and concern for children and families, has positive inter-personal skills and displays strong leadership capabilities.
How are tuition and fees determined?
Tuition is calculated based on a school yearly cost divided equally into 9 monthly tuition payments. There is a $75 non-refundable registration fee.
What are the size of your classes?
The teacher/student ratio for each three-year-old session is one adult for every eight children in a class that will not exceed 16 students. The four-year-old classes will not exceed eighteen students with a ratio of one adult to every nine children.
Will my child be prepared for primary school after attending King of Kings?
Graduates of King of Kings Preschool move on to a variety of public and private schools. We receive very positive feedback from both parents and teachers that King of Kings graduates excel when starting primary school, and are at a significant advantage academically, socially and developmentally. Many of our students go on to pass rigorous entrance assessments into prestigious private schools in the area.

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