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Children will expand their vocabularies, receive practice solving problems, learn how to apply logic to situations, and begin foundation work for reading.

Gross Motor skills

Children need to practice a number of motor skills including jumping, running, climbing and skipping among other physical activities.

Social & Emotional

Children learn interacting and socializing with other kids. Kids are also guided on how to listen to others while they speak and how to take turns.

Become Independent

Children start learning basic life skills and chores on their own. They learn to wash their hands before eating, sharing, and wearing their coat without help.

About Preschool

Special theme areas vary from week to week and include such topics as animals, shapes, multi-cultural activities, and Bible stories. Religion, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math, Music, Art, Physical Education, and Health will be taught through a variety of teaching methods, media, and "hands on" learning.
  • Indoor and outdoor play
  • Art, story time, relaxation
  • Spiritual instruction
  • Motor skills development
  • Snacks and cooking

Our Classes

Free /month

Pre-I (Three-year-olds)

Our Pre-I program is designed to prepare children for the next step in their preschool education
200 /month

Pre-II (Four-year-olds)

Our PRE-II program is designed to prepare your child for their Kindergarten experience.
4 Years Old
18 Class Size
285 /month

Pre-K (Four-year-olds)

Our PRE-K program is designed to prepare your child for their Kindergarten experience.
4 Years Old
18 Class Size





Our Activities


Creative activities

Kids will learn Art, relax with play-dough, and have story time.

Sports & playing

Indoor and Outdoor play, motor skill development, develop muscles and hand-eye coordination.

Reading & Language

Experience an introduction to basic academic concepts with writing and story times.


Kids learn cooperation, sharing, how to value and respect other's work and ideas.

Why choose us


We are a family that thrives on seeing your kids grow and succeed.


We have many kids and staff from around the world represented.


Our spaces are bright, open and filled with stimulating colors and materials.


Through play kids can develop social and cognitive skills and much more.

Meet Our Teachers


Sue Peak/Lead teacher

Mrs. Peak has been employed at King of Kings since the fall of 2005. Prior to working at King of Kings, Mrs. Peak was a PE teacher for a private school in Auburn, working with children PRE-K through 5th grade.

Natasha Sensano/Lead Teacher

Miss S is working with the PRE-II program and was born in Hawaii but decided to move to a less warm and sticky environment. Miss S has a Bachelor of Arts in English and four years’ experience as a preschool teacher as well as 10 years of childcare and 8 years of nanny experience.

Bettina Da Costa/Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Da Costa was previously employed at King of Kings from 2000-2006 and returned in the fall of 2015. She has worked mainly with four-year-olds. Mrs. Da Costa is married and the mother of two grown children.
WU, Josephine

Josephine Chan/Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Chan has been employed at King of Kings since the fall of 2008. Prior to working at King of Kings, Mrs. Chan worked with the Head Start program in Seattle. She was born and raised in Hong Kong and is fluent in Cantonese and has experience with Mandarin language. Mrs. Chan is married and has a daughter.

Our Blog

Children need Love

Children need Love

Children need to learn how to give and receive love.

Pre-K Supply List

Pre-K Supply List

8 Elmer’s Glue Sticks
2 pink erasers

Preschool Supply List

Preschool Supply List

Classes PRE-I & PRE-II

8 glue sticks

What Parents Say

One of the best preschools ever!!!
Tina Warren Wyche Teacher
King of Kings has amazing teachers and small class sizes. All my kids loved it here.
Mia Watson Mother of 3
The teachers and staff really care about teaching kids and have a passion for seeing them learn.
Deborah Lawyer

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